Xamtax Easytax Php Framework

EASYTAX or Simply EX.

This is a simple, yet powerful and easy to understand php framework that have some similar functions and features with Laravel, i.e, your experience with Laravel Blade and Eloquent Query Builder are still useful here, and that is one of the intention for the similarity.


Why should i use Easytax?

  1. Simple and lightweight framework.
  2. Create/Debug very fast
  3. Easy to migrate from Laravel.
  4. Almost Everything is automatic
  5. Automatic generation of Database and Model Table
    • Auto Generate and Create Model Database Table.
  6. Automatic generation of Html Form (default bootstrap class)
    • Auto Generate Html Form, Html Widget, e.t.c.
  7. Using Composer, Theme and Plugin.
  8. Inbuilt Admin Dashboard.
  9. Inbuilt Html Widget
    • access with HtmlWidget1::
  10. Advance and Standard CRUD Operation
  11. CRUD Database Table Management
  12. Laravel Blade and Laravel Eloquent Query Builder
  13. EasyTax Query Builder
  14. Inbuilt Authentication
  15. Inbuilt Status Popup
  16. Smart HtmlForm Library Auto-Generator
  17. Simple Folder Structure and Easy to Navigate
  18. Direct Controller Call in Form Action. (using easytax CLF)
  19. Direct Api Call in Ajax. (using easytax CLF)
  20. Many and Advance and Clean util functions
  21. Auto Loader of Controllers, Models, and Api
  22. Layout Theme Assets (like CMS)
  23. Multiple Site Can Share the same Library(Hence, makes a portable code)
  24. And More...